Titanium Dioxide

PRETIOX Titanium Dioxide
for Paints Industry
Titanium dioxide for paints and coating materials possesses an optimal size and a very narrow particle distribution, a high colouring power, and a neutral or bluish undertone. The high degree of light dispersion produced by the pigment particles, and their inferred ability to reflect light intensely, (especially in the visible part of the spectrum), offers many advantages within current applications. With regard to their optical parameters, the homogeneous nature of the various micronized rutile products allows their application in a variety of toning systems. The efficient surface treatment minimizes flocculation in coating systems, promoting easy mixing and a good level of stability in the relevant application.

PRETIOX Grades for Paints:

PRETIOX Titanium Dioxide
for Building Industry
Titanium Dioxide is used in this sector primarily for its excellent colouring ability and tinting strength; a further necessary property is its dispersibility in all applications within the construction material manufacturing sector. Construction material manufacturers traditionally demand a high degree of resistance to atmospheric conditions, of light fastness, and of chemical resistance mainly in alkalic surroundings.

PRETIOX Grades for Building Industry:

PRETIOX Titanium Dioxide
for Food, Pharmacy and Cosmetics
Titanium dioxide grades for food, cosmetics and pharmacy are exceptionally pure pigments. Their quality allows offering pigments with optimal optical properties which meet the highest hygiene standards for this special application.

The special grades to offer a number of benefits:
— Achieving a high standard of chemical and microbiological purity.
— Manufacturing and handling within the scope of certified Quality Management System.
— Warranting all the legal requirements for foodstuffs, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals application.

PRETIOX Grades for Food, Pharmacy and Cosmetics: