Iron Oxide Pigments

For Building Industry
Iron oxide pigments find their widest range of application in the building industry. Pigments fulfill strict criteria for applications in the building industry as defined by the European Standard EN 12878. They show good weather resistance, which is ensured by the fact that the products are synthetic pigments based on stable iron oxides. Light fastness is confirmed by a number of tests. Generally, iron oxides are resistant to alkalis and are characterized by a high coloring power, which in the case of pigments is guaranteed by the fact that they are synthetic pigments without any other constituents / fillers. If correctly applied, pigments show good dispersibility, (the ability to be processed), in concrete mixtures. Pigments based on iron oxides are inert and due to this remain environmentally safe.

Pigments for Asphalt Concrete, Microsurfacing and Emulsions
Asphalt allows colouring with inorganic pigments, and so various asphalt colour surfaces may be produced. The contribution of colour differentiation brings not only aesthetic value, but also a particular clarity in local traffic and may improve road safety on such sections. Alternatively, asphalt binders can be used with virtually transparent hues, (a slight yellow tinge), whereas other options are neutral – from transparent binders of a synthetic origin. In this case, inorganic pigments are especially effective in combination with corresponding coloured minerals (e.g. gravel,sand, or fillers).

For Paints Industry
Pigments are widely used as inexpensive, durable pigments in paints and coatings. The terms “paints” and “coatings”cover a wide range of solvent-based and waterborne systems. The effective application of finish paints is recommended only in cases using pearl mills. Colours are available at the “earthy” end of the red, yellow, orange, brown, and black ranges. We guarantee the stable quality of pigments, in particularly with respect to their colour parameters.

Red TP303 TDS
Brown 686 MSDS TDS
Brown 610 MSDS TDS
Brown BR06 SDS TDS
Black 780 MSDS TDS
Black B03 SDS TDS
Yellow 313 MSDS TDS
Yellow Y02 SDS TDS
Orange 960 MSDS TDS
Green 815 TDS
Blue TC886 TDS